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The video option offers an altogether new dimension to the analysis of data and numbers. Apart from the usual features like a “host” discussing a story or interviewing someone, the video section will extensively use the latest tools in graphics and display of charts and other methods of presenting data. Our final goal is to make the video section a kind of “magazine” that uses numbers and data rather than mere rhetoric.

Sutanu Guru talks with Yashwant Deshmukh about two stalwart pioneers of the TV Industry in India

26-Aug, 2022

Is India a data-deficient country? Veteran journalist Anil Padmanabhan answers it

15-Aug, 2022

Sutanu Guru in conversation with PhD scholar Tulip Suman

15-Aug, 2022

India Tracker launch: Yashwant Deshmukh in conversation with Sanjay Kumar of CSDS

15-Aug, 2022